I would love to say, “you had me at hello,” but we both know there was never even a need for you to speak. Words were not a necessity for you to introduce yourself to me. I felt as if I had known you all along. There is no explanation to the way you entered my life because somehow, you have always been here. We were meant to be. Of the same soul, of the same heart, of the same ray of light.

Growing to love you has been one of the greater joys in life. From the day we first experienced each other, I realized that the journey I was about to step into would change my life forever. Our first hug sent your being through me like a tidal wave and I was never the same. Your rhythm in the universe made my time stand still. You lifted my heart off the earth like no one else could ever do. I have searched for this feeling in others, but it is never the same. No one loves me like you do.

At first we did not spend much time together. It was something we both had to grow into and be ready for. I will never forget the way you swept me off my feet in Los Angeles… In front of everyone, for the world to see. You set me on fire and I have been burning ever since. I realized that I could never get enough of you. I wanted to be with you forever! And although I had known it since we met, it had become clearer than ever before!

Since we committed, we have been on some of the wildest rides together. We have met some of the best people together, built some of the greatest masterpieces, and touched some of the best hearts.  Through education, friendships, travels, marriages, children, death, life, tears, laughter, sweat, dirt, dark, despair, anxiety, illness, beginnings, endings, and all of the challenges and victories. In one of the greatest ending chapters of my life, you stood by my side holding the key to my clarity and the strength for my rebuild. You were my shoulder to cry on, while being my greatest mountain to climb. For months my sadness had caused me to look at you and ask myself if it was you I really wanted. On my dreariest and teariest of days I would come to you, look you in the eyes, open up and let your words move through me. I let your inspiration guide me. I let the rhythm of your heart soothe me until eventually I climbed to the top of your mountain and looked down at everything below me that we had been through and realized that it was indeed YOU that I have always wanted. I let my guard down, and became great again.

So… This is my letter for you, Dance. For being my truest of loves and for bringing me light when the days were dark. I LOVE YOU.  Thank you for teaching me integrity, honesty, love, compassion, dedication, truth, devotion, commitment, strength, light, how to be joyous and so many more of life’s important lessons. Because of you I have become who I am today, and although you can’t really put a ring on it, you know you got me for the long haul!


Written by Vanessa Fuller @vanessafullerdance