Beyoncé Drops a Valentine’s Themed Clothing Collection





Beyoncé has dropped a Valentine’s themed clothing collection just in time for the big day. (The merchandize is appealing whether or not there’s any romance on the table.) The capsule collection only subtly plays into the Valentine’s Day theme so it’s totally wearable year-round.

V-day hints include details like the king of hearts on a sweatshirt and some simple pink text on a t-shirt. Most of the collection features illustrated images of Bey herself, as well as love and sex oriented lyrics from her hits throughout the years. There’s the “fulfill my fantasies” lyric from 2003’s “Baby Boy,” as well as an ode to her 2013 song “Rockets.”

In addition to clothing, the capsule collection offers up phone cases with similar designs. Who could resist a cherry covered case with “BEY MINE” printed all over it? Beyoncé has been selling merchandise on her website for some time now, and has veered into the direction of holiday themes for Christmas as well.


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