The Startup Art Fair brings Emerging Artists to Venice

The three-day showing is specifically offered as a platform for independent artists, offering them the exposure boost they need to connect with interested viewers and collectors. The event is a must-do for anyone interested in the L.A. art scene, emerging or otherwise.

This year the fair was  held at The Kinney Venice Beach, where the creations of 50 different artists were used to turn the hotel rooms into unique exhibition experiences. In addition to the art pieces, there were performances and “Art Conversations” discussing the current state of trends in the industry.

Some of the artists this year included: Ryan Burns, Dana DeKalb , Laura Hapka , Gary Irving, and Gillian Keller; Plus 45 others from all over the country.


The fair runs all weekend from January 26 to 28, 2018.

Ryan Burns:

Dana DeKalb:

Laura Hapka:

Gary Irving:

Gillian Keller: