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Pop-Up Magazine Gives Creatives a Chance to Share their Unpublished Work

On February 5, Pop-Up Magazine’s unique showcase for creative will be held at the Theatre at the Ace Hotel downtown. The event is specifically open to all different mediums of sharing and performances, just as long as the work has not been published prior to the event. It gives the writers, photographers, filmmakers etc. a chance to discuss their current projects. Some of the work is created for the event, while other pieces will be chosen portions from ongoing works. Another unique twist on this event is that is not filmed. No video or audio means that it remains a truly unique experience for everyone involved. The event is a sure way to make some discoveries about creatives who you’ll...

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Gimme That Cup.

From the tips of my toes through the locks of my hair, this feeling you give me isn't getting me anywhere. It is still there, it lingers... in between my fingers and down my spine, this heart of mine is beyond divine. When it rains, it pours, that sweat of yours from down your back while that bass go slap. Theres music in in every finger of you and every song that pretends to be you. And, man, I knew, from the very start, those hands you squeezed around my heart, made lemonade from the silk that flows, the fruit is bitter, it's been here before.    And every day I walk the line between yours an mine and we...

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