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Gimme That Cup.

From the tips of my toes through the locks of my hair, this feeling you give me isn't getting me anywhere. It is still there, it lingers... in between my fingers and down my spine, this heart of mine is beyond divine. When it rains, it pours, that sweat of yours from down your back while that bass go slap. Theres music in in every finger of you and every song that pretends to be you. And, man, I knew, from the very start, those hands you squeezed around my heart, made lemonade from the silk that flows, the fruit is bitter, it's been here before.    And every day I walk the line between yours an mine and we...

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I would love to say, “you had me at hello,” but we both know there was never even a need for you to speak. Words were not a necessity for you to introduce yourself to me. I felt as if I had known you all along. There is no explanation to the way you entered my life because somehow, you have always been here. We were meant to be. Of the same soul, of the same heart, of the same ray of light. Growing to love you has been one of the greater joys in life. From the day we first experienced each other, I realized that the journey I was about to step into would change my life forever. Our first hug sent...

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She had a long day, a normal day, a productive day. A day filled with errands and laundry and work and chores. Of living and breathing and getting by. Of being fine. She sees great in people and things… in hearts and in beings. Her soul thrives on the contagious smile. She is beautiful and she has no idea.   She fills her ears with music and drowns out the world. She fills her arms with hugs and transcends time. She opens her heart and shares her truth, spreading passion and excitement for all things light. She is wise and she has no idea. She can bike for miles. Dance for days. Lift twenty things in her arms. Be present in...

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